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About Guam

Guam is America in Asia! It is a cultural melting pot of people of America, the Pacific, and Asia. Our beautiful island in the Pacific is approximately 8 miles wide by 30 miles long. English is the primary language spoken, U.S. dollars are the currency, and if you’re moving from the continental United States, you will find all the familiar American franchises to include Applebees, iHop, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, K-Mart, Home Depot and Ross (to name a few). Outside of the tropical weather and the beautiful island beaches, the best thing about Guam is its friendly and welcoming people.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I stay on or off base?

This is a personal preference that really depends on the individual. If you are a military family that is looking solely to work and interact only with people and families in your branch of service, staying on base might fit that need. If you and/or your family are looking to enjoy your time on Guam and seek all the island has to offer, we highly recommend living off base. If you are young and enjoy the nightlife, it is recommended that you live off base, as it would be easier to get home in the evening after a night of drinking. In our experience, we have noticed that there two types of people who move to Guam for work- those who thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and those who did not. Those who thoroughly enjoyed the experience were primarily those people who chose to live off base.

If I choose to live off base, where should I stay on Guam?

This again depends on your preference. If you are young and seek the nightlife, the most convenient locations are in the villages of Tumon and Tamuning, near the nightlife, shopping, theaters, and beaches. If you are looking for a truly laid-back lifestyle, living in the southern region of Guam is a popular preference. For those who want to live off base, but value living close to work everything on Guam is relatively close compared to the U.S. mainland. Those working at Anderson Air Force Base and Naval Hospital will enjoy a relatively short commute to work if they live or the northern part of the island. For those who are stationed at Naval Station, living in the central and southern parts of the island are all popular choices.

How can I find a place to rent, and how much will it cost?

We can help you find the perfect home that meets your lifestyle, at no cost to you. Commissions are paid by the landlord. While there is no cost in finding a place, most landlords will require a one-month security deposit. If you are in the military, rest assured that the base housing office will inspect your rental unit before you move in to ensure you are getting a high standard.

After I find a place, what do I need to do?

Once you’ve found your new home, the next steps are to typically hookup services, buy furniture and secure a local driver’s license. The good news is that once you have hooked up each service, you can pay all your bills online:

  • Power- Power can be hooked up at the Guam Power Authority. They have several locations on the island for customer service
  • Water- Water can be hooked up at the Guam Waterworks Authority. For more information visit their website at
  • Cable / Internet/ Phone Service- There are several service providers on Guam that offer bundled packages that include cable, internet, landline, and cell phone services. Some of the more popular providers are the Guam Telephone Authority, Docomo Pacific, and IT&E
  • Trash Service- If you’re renting a condo or living in an apartment, trash service is often provided by the landlord. If you’re renting a house, you will most likely have to subscribe to a weekly pickup by the Guam Solid Waste Authority (GSWA). They will provide you with a trash and recycling container. For more information, visit them at
  • Driver’s License/ Vehicle Registration- One of the last things you’ll need to do is get your Driver’s License. You can get this at the Department of Revenue and Taxation. For more information, you can visit them at their website
  • Furniture- If you need furniture for your new home, there are several places to find furniture on Guam to include the military furniture stores and several local stores. Some of our favorite furniture stores include Kathy Styles and Town House Furniture
What about local schools for my kids?

There are many options to choose from when picking schools on Guam:

What are some of the networking organizations and church’s available?

Guam has many organizations that are available for relocating families. The following is a basic list of community organizations:

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